The NewBanking Star #01

Marketing Newsletter sent out February 2020

Website re-designed
First of all we are happy to announce that our website has gone through quite a makeover. Take a look at and explore for yourself. 

The main purpose of our website is to create a digital customer journey for you. To be the end-to-end point of contact for all new and existing customers. 

In other words, a central hub and a storyteller that can explain to you:

what digital tools we can provide in order for you to stay compliant 
why this is relevant and important for you
who else is using this technology already  
how you can get started and how you can expand

We still have work to do, so you will see many changes, add-ons and improvements in the near future. Please let us know directly if you have comments or suggestions. 

How? Well, it could be by writing an email to

Two new major customer names
At NewBanking we see customer traction in several markets and verticals. Law Firms is one of them. Recently we signed a new customer agreement with Gorrissen Federspiel, which adds the third Top-5 lawyer in Denmark to our customer list. Together with Bech Bruun and Plesner they are true pioneers in digital compliance. Already now we have several ‘best practices for larger law firms’ in place, and these are shared between them and will also be available for our future law firm customers. 

Read more in the “Law firm section” of our website where product features vs. compliance needs are described in detail. 

And from the start of 2020 KommuneKredit will perform digital KYC/AML checks on Danish municipalities, ministries and other public institutions. In other words if ex. a public daycare center is requesting a loan with Kommunekredit for a new development project, then the key people will undergo a digital KYC/AML check as part of the loan process. This will strengthen KommuneKredit´s ability to stay compliant and at the same time automate the process flow making it possible to process and execute loans even faster.

Global PEP scanning ability
ComplyAdvantage, based in the UK, is a world-class PEP scanning provider with global coverage. We have recently integrated with them so now we have access to all of their technical offerings. This means we can perform PEP scans on a global basis. ComplyAdvantage offer a wide range of scans and watch list monitoring, so if you are interested in learning more about the opportunities of using ComplyAdvantage through your NewBanking account then please contact

Additional integration partner
A core feature in NewBanking is the integrations with many different data sources. This can be governmental registries on one side and multiple private sources on the other side.

Our many integrations (Danish CVR, Bureau Van Dijk, BiQ, Nordic API Gateway etc.) enable us to gather information for our customers about companies as well as individuals. With this we can strengthen the compliance work and simplify the processes for our customers.

Recently we added Bisnode to the list of data sources and we are happy to see both new and existing customers are already leveraging this new partnership in their daily compliance work. Stay tuned as more integrations will be added soon.

Wrap up
That’s it for now.
Thank you for following along and thank you for your continued interest and support in what we do at NewBanking. Stay tuned as more news will follow once we enter the spring.

Kindest regards 
All of us from NewBanking

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