Probably the best identity solution in the world…

Passport and driver’s license verification used by 30.000 organisations in 180 different countries including access to the most comprehensive Business Due Diligence database with global beneficial ownership mapping. 

That is just a small part of what you get by partnering with NewBanking Identity.

Like (probably) the best beer in the world, we truly believe that one should do what one does best. That is why we partner up with the leading companies within the different areas of identity and verification. By doing so we not only provide large enterprises with huge cost savings but also enable smaller companies to access data that otherwise would be out of their reach.

Verification of identities is done in collaboration with Gemalto (now part of Thales), offering global best-in-class ID document verification with extraction of the most important data within the documents. Extraction of the information in the documents allow for an easy and fast customer onboarding as the customers won’t have to enter all their personal information manually and even enables an automatic renewal of documents based on expiration dates. The entire onboarding process is being done in real-time, and when the customer is finished with the process then the company has all the information. The customer information profile is enriched by additional services such as PEP & sanction lists scanning or local data sources like government registry databases.

Once a user has created a NewBanking Identity account, his or her value will continue to increase the more he or she uses the platform. The user receives a secure location for his sensitive information, so that he or she does not need to keep copies on local devices. Furthermore, reusability has been a key design factor so the user now has the opportunity to share the same copy of his information with multiple recipients – all while maintaining security, transparency and control!

Denmark is one of the most digitized countries in the world, with access to a lot of public data and combined with a general high trust in the public sector. That means that all people have access to a digital infrastructure enabling all integrations with public and private sectors to be managed with the same few core digital solutions – and that is what we do best.

Would you like to get access to the best data and the best service providers without the hassle of complicated integration projects?

Change your mindset!


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