Our story

Imagine one central and secure location where people can store all of their personal information and be able to control who has viewed and has access to this information. Imagine avoiding the hassle of constantly collecting, storing, verifying, and managing access to customer information. Imagine better compliance by staying up to date with ever-changing regulations, such as GDPR and anti-money laundering.

NewBanking is a story about trust. Our foundation is based on law. Our vision is to create partnerships based on trust whilst supporting the regulator space, helping the privacy movement give control of ownership back to the people.

In 2015 NewBanking was established and began to develop the new digital platform in 2017. NewBanking is changing the way data is shared today. In a perfect world we envision companies using a platform such as NewBanking to securely store and share information, prevent money laundering and stay up to date with privacy regulations. Our platform is dedicated to creating transparency and giving the control of data back to the people.

Our Product:

Whether requesting a loan, applying for a job or contacting a lawyer, NewBanking offers a secure platform that collects information to a central place to administer private information for personal and business uses. 

We have three main applications on our platform; a customer account to securely store and share information, a business administration tool that can access information on their customers. A widget to embed on our client’s website that can be custom designed to fit the different needs to collect information. The ability to perform identity checks necessary to be fully compliant with the regulatory requirements issued by the authorities.

These applications offer a high quality customer experience, significantly reduced costs and 100% compliance with regulations.

Protecting your human digital rights
In full alignment with GDPR, the problems we solve for the individuals (our customer’s clients) are:

  • Secure storage
  • Safe sharing allowing companies to use data for a certain period
    of time
  • Full control of who has access to information and can withdraw access at any time

The problems we solve for our customers are:

  • Reduce costs – Automate manual processes and avoid the hassle of collecting, storing, verifying, and managing access of customer information.
  • High quality user experiences using simpler data processes, offering full transparency on what information you have from customers.
  • Simplify data management
  • Full compliance by staying up to date with ever-changing regulations, such as GDPR and AML, and enjoy the benefits of NewBanking’s flexible platform that can be configured to match any regulation.

It is increasingly difficult to keep internal processes up to date with the ever-increasing regulatory requirements on data security and privacy. Additionally, the customer now expects an easier, faster and fully digital solution that they can engage with at their own convenience. 

Core Values

Trust and transparency are extremely important to us. We strive to deliver quality in our work and create valuable partnerships with our customers.

The company culture is reflective of the leadership. Our team is highly skilled, works independently and is on top of their game. We give people the opportunity to grow. In the end we offer a valuable and secure product.

For more information visit: www.newbanking.com

NewBanking – info@newbanking.com  +45 73 78 00 00