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Konference: Hvidvask, data og identitet 2022

Hør fra Finanstilsynet, Erhvervsstyrelsen, Danske Advokater med flere.

Se det foreløbige program her og tilmeld dig nu – der er begrænsede pladser….

Fighting Money Laundring

How do we empower self-sovereing identity data management in the fight against financial crime?

Find out what your clients really think!

Learn how your clients like to be onboarded and how they feel about the way they are sharing their data with you.

Catch your breath

Try the (only?) breathing experiment that makes GDPR and AML come together in a perfect balance.

What’s to lose?


Are you riding the wave of optimal KYC tech?

Just like a surfer riding the wave, smart technology can drive you forward with great energy if you master it cleverly. 

A bit tragicomic, but it is a rather apt comment on an actual incident in Italy, where the mafia infiltrated a courthouse in the town of Potenza by selling coffee in the cafe. 

Make compliance a competitive advantage

"Our main purpose is to help our clients deal with risks associated with anti-money laundering, KYC and GDPR.
We combine our expert compliance knowledge with state of the art technology, to assure a smooth experience for the customers and the in-house teams."
Christian Visti Larsen
CEO & Co-founder

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